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AEGEEIS publications set high goals from the beginning.

They created a hearth of spirit and culture in the heart of Piraeus, the AEGEEIS bookstore.

As a cradle of culture, they promote the circulation of ideas and organize lectures, book presentations, hosting academics, university professors, historians, archaeologists, writers and researchers. There are classes of ancient Greek, addressed to infants, children and adults.

The goal is to preserve the historical memory and the Greek identity of the modern Greek.

The ancient Greek heritage and the Greek Orthodox reality collide and grind the Greek identity like millstones.

In "AEGIS" publications, all real and honest researchers find a step to present their work to the next generations. We thank them for their efforts in the success of their scientific research.

We promise them our undivided help for the dissemination and radiance of their work.

AEGEEIS Publications

Polyxeni Kyriakakou