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THE PYTHAGOREANS, THE ELEATESApproaching the pre-Socratic giants of the spirit, we approach the depths of ourselves and the depths of the universe; we discover the possibilities of our mind and the essence of things; we learn the relationship of the microcosm to the macrocosm, the finite to the infi..
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"With the Presocratics, nothing is definitively over...Can we bypass the questions of the Presocratics?Of course we can, provided that we have decided not to have anything to do with modern science, art and intellectual life in general. But if we have decided to cultivate science and art and partici..
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ANNA JIROPOULOU-EFSTATHIOU The Life of Sappho, her magnificent work and her unjust slander, impressed and shocked me from the first moment I came into contact with her Poetry and, by extension, with her life, which emerges spontaneously and well within from Lyrical poetry. Sappho was a uniquely ..
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Greek Geomythology is the interdisciplinary analysis of Greek myths, which leads to the identification of geophysical, astronomical and historical facts hidden in them. This analysis offers valuable knowledge about cataclysms, which are saved with a mythical cover, about unknown ancient earthquakes,..
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The figure of Dionysus is lost in the depths of Prehistory, but the fact is that the dominant person of the mysteries was Dionysus. The key elements of the Passion of Dionysus in the mysteries are dismemberment, death and return to life. After many adventures, Dionysus began his journey among the pe..
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